Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girl Talk

Girl Talk

Be a Treasure
Everyone loves individuals who enhance and enrich our lives. We love those who add joy, peace, and harmony to our lives.

The in-laws love the spouse that comes into the family adding value. Employers reward workers who help promote the company. Spouse’s love the partner with whom they can communicate and work as a team. Parents love children who listen and obey.

These types of people give meaning and value to life. They are so easy to love and get along with. Everyone loves them, not because of their outward, but inward beauty.

How to be a treasure

Things to Guard with all your heart.

1. Guard your relationship with God
2. Guard your heart
3. Guard your tongue
4, Guard your reputation
5. Guard your name

Things to build while you are young.

1. Build intimacy with God.
2. Build godly character.
3. Build up your finances
4. Build your dreams
5. Build your home on a solid foundation.

Ten don’ts

1.Don’t let the foolishness of your youth separate you from God.
2. Don’t follow the crowed
3. Don’t marry into a family who does not love you.
4. Don’t let fear control you
5. Don’t say things you don’t mean
6. Don’t free load
7. Don’t live for the moment
8. Don’t allow bitterness to rule your heart.
9. Don’t be a cheat, thief or liar.
10. Don’t look at others through a microscope.

Learn early in life

1. Learn to trust and obey God.
2. Learn to stand on your own two feet.
3. learn to manage money.
4. Learn to think before you speak.
5. Learn to listen with your heart.

Stay away from

1. Stay away from things that offend God
2. Stay away from things that bind you.
3. Stay away from sin.
4. Stay away from gossip.
5. Stay out of Debt.

Try to be

1. Be true to God
2 To yourself be true.
3. Be the giver not the taker.
4. Be honest, loyal, courageous, diligent and strong.
5. Be transparent, trust worthy, and committed
6. Be real

Five things to get with all your might.

1. Get serious about your walk with God.
2. Get the Word of God in you.
3. Get a good education.
4. Get wisdom
5. Get born- again

Last but not least

1. Believe that God loves you
2. Believe in yourself
3. Believe life is worth living
4. Believe that people have value
5. Believe and invest in others