Saturday, September 25, 2010

Interview with Lisa Buffaloe

1. How did you get started with writing?
I didn’t seriously begin writing until my health crashed from undetected Lyme disease in 2000. During that time, I searched God’s word for answers on suffering and illness and began making notes and writing a book on the subject.  From there, I branched into writing fiction using some of my past experiences. To quote Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...”

2. What do you love the most about writing?
For non-fiction, I love blogging or writing articles about God’s grace and love.
With fiction projects, it’s fun to explore characters and their stories. I absolutely love when God surprises me with an unexpected twist or turn while I’m writing.

3. How many books you have published?
At this point, I haven’t been published other than articles, blogs, and interviews. My agent is Tamela Hancock Murray of the Hartline Literary Agency. Two of my manuscripts are currently being reviewed by publishers.

4. Which one was your favorite article?
The most fun to write was The Visitor featured as a short story on Christian Fiction Online Magazine.

5. Tell us a little bit about The Visitor.
Years ago, I lived in an apartment that had originally been a garage/barn. Late one night I had an unexpected and very unwelcome visitor. The article takes that experience and turns it into a humorous story.

6. Your relationship with Christ?
I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. However, even growing up in a loving, safe environment some very negative things happened. God has helped me through molestation by a baby-sitter, assault, rape, divorce, cancer, death of loved ones, numerous surgeries, and chronic illness. I’m amazed at God’s goodness. Every day He gives me more reasons to long for Him and His presence. What a blessing to be walked through the fires and trials to find the things of this world replaced with a greater knowledge of Who God is and His sufficiency. Nothing and no one can remove what is safe with God, and with Him I am eternally safe.

7. What do you see in the future for your writing? (or you goal)?
I pray and hope that God will continue to allow me to point others to His amazing love. My goal is to help readers discover the truth in God’s promises. His love is unending, and through Him we can be healed, restored, and renewed—regardless of the nightmares of our past. No matter what we’ve been through, God is big enough to handle all our needs. He will free us from the past. He will restore what has been taken, and He will renew what has been destroyed.

8. What is your favorite quote and why?
“In my deepest wound, I saw Your glory and it dazzled me.” St. Augustine. God not only heals our past wounds, He takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it into something amazing for us and His kingdom. God never fails to dazzle me with His goodness and love.

Lisa Brewer Buffaloe


  1. Norma, thank you so much for the interview!

  2. Awesome, Lisa! So happy to read about you. I didn't realize we had several things in common. May the Lord bless your book and all you do to serve Him! :D

  3. I'm so happy to get to know Lisa a little better through this interview!
    What a wonderful testimony. Lisa, you're an inspiration. It's no wonder why so many people love you! I believe God has great things ahead for your writing. I'm praying for you!

  4. Thank you, Lynn. God bless you too!

    Thank you, Cheryl. I'm praying for you too. Love your book, A Friend in the Storm.