Tuesday, April 14, 2009


In memory of my sisters

Seasons : To everything there is a season, and a purpose under the heavens. A time to be born and a time to die. Ecclesiastes 3:1,2T (NKJV)

In 2008, we were four sisters and best friends, and now we are two. In August, I lost a sister, and three months later, another. The sense of loss I felt was beyond words. I miss them more than I can say.

The years went by so swiftly -- like a rushing stream, time flew out of our reach into eternity. Whatever, joy, love, divine appointments, or opportunities we did not cherish or embrace, they are now gone.

We get so many seasons in life and when they’re gone, all the crying, regrets, or repentance we feel, is of no help now.

Once the time, the moment, the opportunity has flown away in the wings of time, it will return no more.

Sometimes we learn to late; to love the season. Please, take my wise counsel.

In the springtime of your life: Lavish yourself in God’s showers of blessings. Endeavor to color your world with joy, and purity of heart, in the mist of every storm.

In the summer: Run in the strength of your youth. Give God your best. Do all you can to change the world for Christ, leaving your name written in the sands of time.

In the autumn: Embrace the pruning season, trust His wisdom and His love. Live life with such resilience for eternity sake, let go of the things that bind you. Cling loosely to life, and allow only the wind of his Spirit to move you were He will.

In the winter: Clothes yourself with His Word. Laugh aloud at old man winter. Use your toboggan of faith to ride the high and winding snowy slopes of life, without fear. Say to the gloomiest nights of the season, “You do not intimidate me.” The Lord is on my side!

We shall bloom again in the springtime of eternity. The only thing that will matter then is how we ran the race.

Father in Heaven, Here I am take me and mold me after your will.

Maturing in Christ:

12 tips on maintaining loving and godly relationships.

1. Be gentle, kind, and merciful.
2. Do not declare war, by raise your voice, and attacking with words.
3. Do not throw little hints, as if the other person were a mind reader.
4. Look at it from the other person’s point of view.
5. Avoid the silent treatment
6. Accept responsibility for your own actions.
7. Desire to solve the problem, not add fuel to it.
8. Be honest and transparent.
9. Do not use words to stab another person’s emotions.
10. Do not be critical or judgmental.
11. Do not talk behind their back.
12. Love sincerely.